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With more than twenty years of experience, we handle auto accident, SUV rollovers, truck accidents, taxi cab accidents; and pedestrian or any other motor vehicle accidents; motorcycle accidents; dog bite mauling and other Animal attack cases; severe injury from a slip and fall accident also known as Premises Liability, serious injuries caused by dangerous or defective products; Injury or death caused by criminal attack.

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Attorney Stephen Chang has settled several millions of dollars for his clients.


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Attorney Stephen Chang handles all automobile accident cases. As an experienced attorney, he fights for maximum settlement after any severe auto accidents.

Motorcycle riders are exposed to accidents every day. If you have been a victim of a motorcycle accident, let us help you by representing you in the best possible way.

The bicycle accident attorney, Stephen Chang has been presenting victims of serious bike accidents. Call us to discuss your case for maximum compensation defense.

A dog or animal attack can leave serious injuries. In a case that you're attacked by a dog, the dog owner is ultimately liable for any injuries sustained. Let's talk to get your case started.

You may be entitled to compensation due to an injury caused by a public area or home that is not maintained and negligently ignored. Let us review your case to make sure that you're represented well.

Attorney Stephen Chang provides high-quality representation in a case that you're attacked by criminals.

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